SEWER SOCK - mobile home pest control
If you are an RV owner with the utility connections located inside of a side panel compartment, then you are definitely in need of the rv pest control device named the SEWER SOCK.

One of the most forgotten or over-looked hazards when purchasing rv camping supplies is rv pest control.  The intrusion of mice, rats, snakes, ants, wasps and many , many more trespassers.....

These threats can cause enormous damage to your mobile home , reducing its value considerably, not only that, they also carry sickness and desease which can be very deadly, especially when children are involved !

The SEWER SOCK allows the home-owner more control of protection for their home and family by preventing the intruders entry ! 

 For many decades now, Home-owners around the world have used screen applications to guard against unwanted visitors such as squirrels, mice, rats, scorpions, wasps, birds and many, many other threats to their home and health. 

The unique patented design of the SEWER SOCK is a durable, flexible and very dependable American made product constructed of aluminum screen which is rust and corrosion resistant, sewn together with nylon thread, making it weather resistant. This aluminum screen is a consistent weave, high quality screening suitable for blocking intrusions from many unwanted pests and predators alike! It is designed to repel rodents, pests and many insects.

This product has been field tested and has been proven to be effective.

The SEWER SOCK is long lasting, reusable and also easy to clean, simple rinse it out with a regular water hose anytime needed!

The SEWER SOCK now comes in seven sizes : Regular ( Sewer Sock ) , Small ( Sewer Sock Jr. ) extra small ( Sewer Sock Mini ) , Large ( Sewer Sock Large ), Extra Large ( Sewer Sock Jumbo ) , Extra-extra Small ( Sewer Sock Micro ) and Extra-extra Large ( Sewer Sock Titan ) specifically made for the exposed opening on Travel trailers, Fifth wheels, Class A, Class C and Class Super C RVs.
SEWER SOCK  ( Regular = 4¼" - 5¼" opening )  = made for sewer pipe openings

SEWER SOCK Jr. ( Small = 3½" - 4¼" opening )  = for water, electric or cable openings

SEWER SOCK Mini ( Extra Small = 2" - 3½" opening ) = for water or cable openings

SEWER SOCK Large   ( Large = 5¼" - 6" opening ) =  made for sewer pipe openings

SEWER SOCK Jumbo ( Extra Large = 6¼" - 7" opening ) = made for sewer pipe openings

SEWER SOCK Titan  ( Extra - extra  Large = 7¼" - 8" opening ) = made for sewer pipe openings

SEWER SOCK Cable Wrap ( Extra - extra Small = 1¼" - 2½" opening ) = made for small electric cord or cable openings

SPECIAL  ORDER   ( Size = To be determined by customer ) = Requested size must be sent by email from contact page !  [ Subject to approval ]

Special size orders full-filled upon request !

If ordering 'Special Order ', please send requested measurement via email from the contact page !

If you are not completely satisfied with this product , simply return it within six (6) Months of purchase along with a copy of the purchase receipt to MySmart Mfg. and we will either replace it or we will give you your money back, your choice!

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MySMART Manufacturing
Product  Description
The SEWER SOCK is a unique and important item in rv camping supplies !
If you are seeking methods on how to keep rodents out of rv or how to keep mice out of rv, then the SEWER SOCK is the answer you are looking for ! The SEWER SOCK is top of the line in rv pest control and mobile home pest control.       
                                                          We guarantee satisfaction with our product or your money back !!!!!

Don't wait until you have to waste your time & money on traps or exterminators, stop the intruders
from entering before they become a problem !

Purchase your SEWER SOCK today !
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