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    For over a decade now, we have enjoyed providing solutions to our customer’s safety concerns and issues. Helping them to devise proper safeguarding practices for themselves and their employees! We enjoy helping others to be safer, especially around their workplace!
Our priority has always been and will continue to be providing a beneficial progress to our customers in both service and product !

  Now, we are pleased to extend that service even further! We have developed a product which will assist people around the world in safeguarding their families! This product ( Sewer Sock ® ) reduces and in most cases, eliminates the threat of rodents, insects and other intruders, which may carry diseases or other hazards, from easily entering your RV or Camper through the access portals of the Sewer, Cable, Water and Electrical connections. 

   The Sewer Sock ® has been specifically designed to seal the open areas around the hoses, lines, pipes and cords while the RV or camper is connected to the shore or docked connections. The Sewer Sock ® is very easy to use and is absolutely beneficial in creating a barrier to prevent unwanted intruders from entering your RV, Motor home or Camper. 
We here at MSM are completely confident in the Sewer Sock ® and its purpose, that we guarantee positive results.

  When we realized the problem of the easy access in which rodents and insects could enter a camper through these areas, we immediately started brainstorming. 

The conclusion of the product ( Sewer Sock ® ) was brought to life by three contributions;
(1)An engineering background
(2)A family history in industrial sewing
(3)And a phobia of bugs

The Sewer Sock ® is completely weather resistant and has a one year manufacturer warrantee.
It is constructed of marine quality materials, using aluminum screen. The same type of screen which people have used for decades all around the world to prevent rodents and insects from invading spaces, in which they are not welcome.

During the procedure of field testing, our team discovered an added benefit to using the Sewer Sock ®. 
Although the Sewer Sock ® was originally developed to keep out Rodents and large insects, we also found that it is around 99% effective on keeping ANTS out.
That’s right, I said ants. The perforated surface of the screen material used on the Sewer Sock ® breaks up the scent in which the ants leave behind, causing them confusion and disorientates the little devils, so they cannot complete a path to your camper.

So, forget the poisons and stop worrying about the weather washing away the sprays and oils.
Don’t waste your money or time on products which have been designed to rid you of pests after they have became your problem !
Instead, buy your Sewer Sock ® and prevent their entry before they become a problem.

The Sewer Sock ® has been featured in several articles, magazine and online, and has been praised by all, as a unique and effective means of pest prevention.
  We hope you find our products to be a great asset to your needs.
Please keep checking back with us frequently, for we have many more ideals to come!

Safe Travels,
Founder and owner of MSM,
Randy Greene

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