SEWER SOCK - How To Keep Rodents Out of RV

The 'SEWER SOCK' is a must have item which will help protect and safeguard your family and also help keep your investment from losing its value !

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This product is made in the USA !!!
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Using the SEWER SOCK is as easy as 1 , 2 , 3.
1. Simply take the SEWER SOCK ( Fig. #1 ) and place it in the access opening ( shown in Fig #2.)
2. Run the pipe, line , or hose up through the SEWER SOCK.( Fig #3 )
3. Using the Velcro strap, secure the SEWER SOCK to the pipe, line , or hose. ( also in Fig #3 )
simply by using the  
STOP  RODENTS  ,  ANTS  and other intruders from invading your space 
The SEWER SOCK is a unique and important item in rv camping supplies !
The SEWER SOCK is designed to prevent rodents and insects from entering into RVs through the utility compartments while hook-ups are in use!
The SEWER SOCK is top of the line in rv pest control and mobile home pest control, constructed of materials which are completely weather resistant.

We guarantee satisfaction with our product or your money back !!!!!

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure !!!!!
So tip the scales in your favor !

Don't wait until you have to waste your time & money
 on traps or exterminators, stop the intruders
 from entering before they become a problem !

Purchase your SEWER SOCK today !
Designed for :
Water, Electric, Cable & Sewer openings
Stop intruding varmits !!!
By using this type of application on external connections such as Travel Trailers or Fifth Wheel RVs, you will almost eliminate all traffic of ants , which may access your RV in these areas !

Our field testing of this type of intrusion blockade has shown a success rate of 99% in stopping the invasion of ants !!!

A video of proof can be found on the ' Video Page '. The video was filmed on the final morning of a 13 day stay at a campground in Pamona, CA. while using the SEWER SOCK on our sewer hose and water hose ! 
( No insecticides or sprays or any other kind of additive was used ! )
 Also stops ant invasions !!!!!
Super  American Made Product  !